Dallas County, Iowa

L. Vandee | May 17th, 2021

Kent Gummert of Lederer Weston Craig, PLC recently tried a civil case in Dallas County Iowa. The case was somewhat unique because it was tried under full COVID protocols with all attorneys, court personnel, parties and jurors wearing masks and separated by plastic dividers or spread throughout the court room. The jury actually deliberated in the courtroom which made for an awkward and hasty exit by the parties and attorneys after closing arguments.

It was also unique in the severity of the accident but the rather modest injuries to the Plaintiff. The defendant who was driving a large pick up, rear ended the Plaintiff’s sedan at close to highway speeds. The Plaintiff was stopped to make a left turn and was waiting for oncoming traffic. The force of the impact pushing the Plaintiff’s sedan into oncoming traffic where she was struct a second time on the passenger side of the car. The Plaintiff’s vehicle was then pushed through a ditch and into a corn field. (it is Iowa).

The Plaintiff claimed lifelong impairment and pain and suffering. Her paid medical bills were only $5,000 and lost wages were only $2,000. Plaintiff’s counsel tried to rely on the shock factor of the facts of the accident and pictures of the Plaintiff’s vehicle to get jury sympathy for her client. They asked for $60,000 in closing argument and the jury returned a verdict for $12,400

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